Monday, July 5, 2010

Why You Need This Blog?

I have plenty to do between work and home so why spend time to create a blog site? Basically, I want to help. I want to help those people who are trying to get compliant with every Software License Agreement (SLA) in their company. You may have some of the tools, or some of the processes but I will bet my next pay check you are struggling to put it all together.

Why Software Compliance? If your company has an IT Asset Management program, then get rid of it! I don't mean the program itself but the name. IT Asset Management says that you are responsible for managing an inventory or basically "bean" counting. Believe me, you won't get any respect with a name like IT Asset Management.

However, if you put the "Compliance" in the title, you have a completely different program: individuals are required to "comply" with your policies, program and objectives. Let me put it another way: Your Company signed or agreed to an SLA. It is your companies responsibility, meaning the people working in the company, to ensure they comply with the terms and conditions of the SLA. If they are not, then they are in breech of the Agreement and your Finance, Legal and HR department would be completely horrified to find out if this was the case.

Finally, there is another way: using software you are not authorized for is stealing! Plain and simple. There is no sugar coating here so get over it. I know, no on likes to have these conversations but cheer up, here is some good news: the stronger your compliance program, the more money you will save. Yep, I know you don't believe it now because you are completely buried in your scan data. But, it's true. I will show you how so keep checking back.